Monday, December 30, 2013

Report # 3 Almost ready or ready or not? December 30, 2013

There has got to be hundreds of little details involved in leaving home for 18 weeks. Over the years, we have learned to keep a list of stuff to do, therefore, not forgetting anything, we hope. Over a month ago, we had to pay the big bills ahead of time. That included property, federal, and state income taxes. Since we have booked another South African safari on this upcoming trip, we needed to pay off that balance. At least we allowed enough time to know our checks cleared and the credit card was charged and paid.

The rest of the list included most everything to do with the house and garden. Pruning trees, roses, and grape vines has been a high priority. This is one area that we are worried about........the lack of rainfall. In fact, the hillsides look bleak and brown, much like we are living in a high desert area. If we don't get the storms breaking through soon, we may be in trouble next summer or sooner with water use. Too bad we can't teach our birds to do a rain dance in our absence.

Speaking of birds, our newly added rooster, Mr. Foghorn, has made himself right at home. Today, we heard him crowing more than normal. So we snuck back there and found him getting "very friendly" with one of his new girlfriends. With five hens to keep company, we expect him to be doing a whole lot of happy crowing.

For a change, we have almost completed our chores for this trip ahead of time, and have one full day tomorrow to find things we forgot. The last thing we need to do, is leave the house on Wednesday, and ask each other, did you lock the front door, turn lights off, or check for water running? We'll probably ask anyway. Old habits are hard to die. One thing we cannot leave at home? The passports, or we go nowhere.

We hope to be emailing from the hotel in Ft.Lauderdale, so look for reports after the 1st. And by the way, Happy New Year to all of you!

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