Monday, April 21, 2014

Report # 113 Sailing Towards Bridgetown, Barbados April 21, 2014 Monday Partly cloudy, much hotter than 79 degrees, humid, following wind

It has been five days now that we have been at sea, and it really has gone fast. Compared to other trans-Atlantic crossings, this one has been pretty smooth. No storms, rain, or high seas. Well, OK, we did have lots of clouds, but with the sun peeking out, the days became increasingly warmer, and also humid. Today, it feels like the Caribbean. Even though we have not seen any signs of large sealife, we have been enjoying watching for the flying fish. No bird sightings however. One thing we find unusual, is that we have not seen one cruise ship or container or cargo vessel throughout the entire crossing. Lonely feeling......

The final ports on this cruise will be Dominica and St. Maarten. Barbara H gave her last talk on things to do and see while in these places. The general attitude among many of the passengers is that we are now on a 7 day Caribbean cruise, giving the impressionj of ho-hum boring. Not so for us. Any day in a port, no matter where, is a priviledge, that we hope not to take so lightly despite the number of times we may have been here.

The last Mongolian Cookout was held in the Lido pool area, and we are sure it was well-attended. As we have stated before, this is a favorite lunch for the staff, who always show up right before 2pm and closing time.

The guest talent show took place at 2:30pm. We heard that some of the singing acts were actually very well done, but some of the jokes told were the same, same. The good news is that the "bird lady" was back with her whistle act. She is an elderly lady who keeps to herself, and sings like a bird. Last year, she attempted to perform, but her whistle was gone. Today, it was back and she did well. Never, ever, ever give up, we say. Also present, were the guest choir group members who performed for the crowd in the Queens Lounge.

The ship's stores put all of their souvenier merchandise out to sell, along with Debby Bacon CDs, photos, HAL exclusive vases, and artist's sketchings. We know for a fact that whatever is left over, will go on sale on the next cruise. Some of it will sell for 75% off, so we will hold out and check it out then, not that we need anything.

Around the same time, the guests had an unadvertised "White Elephant" sale in the Explorers Lounge. This is where people took items that they either bought and had regrets, or took this opportunity to unload all of the ships gifts. That could be considered rude, but if you had weight restrictions with the airlines and shipping, then heavy unwanted items could be sold. The first to go, we heard, were the Tutu books, which weighed a ton. Many of those had already been donated back to the front office, as well as the library. This did provide a chance for the staff to purchase these things, since they are not on the receiving end of the gifts.

Dinnertime was much quieter at our table, since only six of us were there. Bill & Marianne had been invited to dinner elsewhere.....something to do with a couple that bid on a wedding vow renewal package, held in the Crows Nest. Will have to ask them about it tomorrow, since we have never been to one.

The entertainer this evening was Michael James, a high wire comedian who guaranteed laughs, gasps, and splitting sides. That takes some talent and nerves of steel to perform this while on a moving, rolling ship.......a true circus act.

No time change tonight, which is a good thing. With three hours back in the last five days, lots of us are dragging....tired. But not too tired to enjoy Barbados tomorrow.

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