Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Report #18 Lahaina, Hawaii October 10, 2017 Tuesday Mostly sunny & 85 degrees Part #3 Of 3 59 Pictures

Final photos…..


The nearby island of Molokai


This wharf is now closed


Old cemetery


Possibly Buddhist cemetery


Stopping here


Good place for some shade


Danger – keep out


Currently closed, but not going to be destroyed


Construction on the opposite side


Kaanapali has strict marine rules


End of the sandy beach


As far as we got today


More pleasure boats


Lining up for rentals


Local worker


He explained the condition of the wharf




Full of holes – off limits


Yep, that's a hole


Not safe


Heading back on Baby Beach


Rounding the corner


Almost deserted


Tide was up


Had to watch those sneaky waves


A nice spot to live


The narrow walkway to the beach


Air roots of these plants


Front yard bananas


Ginger blooms


A bumper crop


Side garden


Leaning palms – must the prevailing winds


A new place for lunch today


The busy bar & waiting diners


Patio dining


Busy day for drinks


Every place has a souvenir shop


Ice cold sodas





Fries and BBQ sauce


The best dessert – Hula Pie


Good thing we shared


Similar to Mississippi Mud Pie


Was it good or not???


Another restaurant two doors down


Park behind the library


Bill and the water front


Pioneer Inn


Tender boat on the way


Flags flying proud


Two boats in service, or more




Low tide


Pretty setting


Pretty nice ride







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  1. The only thing I missed was seeing the Old Seafarer on the end of the Pioneer Inn.

    Keep up the good work.

    Look forward to seeing your posts on the World Cruise