Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Report # 3 Juneau, Alaska September 25, 2017 Monday Partly cloudy & 57 degrees Part #2 Of 2 60 Pictures

The photos continue……


A diving whale


A large one judging from the tail size


Ready to dive


Going down


Slipping under the surface


Will re-surface in a few minutes


Water drips off of the tail


They look gentle, but they are not


Going down


Whale blow


Rising up to dive


There he goes


They are identified by their tails


Rising high


Going down


Each tail is marked differently


No notching and color is the same






Eating constantly




Scenic bay


A dash of blue sky


Two humpbacks


Much smaller dorsal fin compared to the orcas




Here comes the raised tail


This one was large


They need to eat constantly (like cruise ship passengers)


Beautiful bay


Whale blowing


Does look like a real hump in the back


Lifting that tail


Going deep


They can hold their breath for quite a while








The best spot was on the back deck


Heading back to the dock in Auke Bay


Loaded with gulls


Boats in the small marina


Several viewing boats


The parking lot


Back to the ship by 6pm or so


Time to take a stroll


A wall mural


Not a lot of traffic today




Quiet for a Monday


Gift shop


A few fall trees


The Twisted Fish Restaurant was closed for the season


The Ruby Princess


The Nieuw Amsterdam – a sister to the Eurodam


The Red Dog Saloon at dusk


Three ships in a row


The outside central elevator



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