Thursday, September 28, 2017

Report # 4 Scenic Cruising Glacier Bay September 26, 2017 Tuesday Partly cloudy, rain & 50 degrees Part #2 Of 2 68 Pictures

More photos……


One of hundreds of streams


Fresh water flows into the sea water


Getting greener


Eerie fog


Another seal takes a look


Small islands surrounded us


Another stream




In route to Johns Hopkins Inlet


The ever-changing weather


Changing temperatures created the fog


Good time for a snack on the veranda


Searching for wild life


Saw few animals or birds here


Just a lot of rock


Ice field


Flows like a frozen river


Ice up above the waterline


Grassy rocks


Plants in every fissure


One eagle sighting


A thread of a waterfall


Descends from far up


Hidden in the crevice


Seeking its own level


Dirty ice


Good spot for the seals


Good spot for grazing goats


Sure looks like a road


But it is not


Ice berg


Several flows at this end


And more waterfalls


Springing out of the rocks


Rock cut by ancient ice


Johns Hopkins Glacier


Carries a lot of sediment


Bird in flight


Distinct colors


Little calving here


Quite rugged


And suddenly, ice fell


Disturbing the peace


There is a seal on the ice berg


We would see many of them soon


Calm waters


Until the ice fell again


Ice flow and glacier


All the small dots are seals


This is where they have their pups


Chucks of ice


A safe haven for the seals


Cod and dirty ice


Who knows how old this ice really is


A resting seal


Blubber keeps them warm


And they are safe from predators


A lone bald eagle on the ice


Thirty in one frame


Seals are used to the eagle


Exiting the inlet


No ice here




Looking for swimming seals


And also a good place for otters


Heading out of the bay



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