Sunday, March 2, 2014

Report # 63 Sailing Towards Hong Kong March 2, 2014 Sunday Partly cloudy, 85 degrees

Many things were happening this day, as the Amsterdam sailed towards Hong Kong. With such a busy two days in Manila, we wish there were more sea days between two big ports, but it only takes one full day at sea to get to Hong Kong.

A new celebrity guest chef has joined us by the name of Pranee Khruasanit Halvorsen from Thailand. She turned up the heat with a demo on some spicy prawns, rolls, and veggies.

Also, we have a new guest speaker who has been on several world cruises. He is Melvin Foster and his talk was all about women pirates....hellions of the South China Sea and beyond. Bet that is a very interesting subject.

A Mongolian Cookout was held in the Lido Pool area, as well as a Lido Pool party at 1:30pm. There was the promise of games, grand dollar prizes, food, music, and dancing. Drinks were available, but at your own expense.

Today was the end of the second segment of the world cruise. The final total we got for the folks disembarking tomorrow is 114. On Tuesday, 230 newbies will be boarding. Currently onboard are 947 guests and 622 crew members, according to the Cruise Log pamphlet we got today. The segment from Hong Kong to Cape Town will be the most passengers we will have on any segment so far. The folks leaving were asked to return library books to the Explorations Cafe and DVDs to the front desk. Maybe the lost movie, The Hunger Games, will finally be returned. And those who have earned Grand Dollars participating in the ship's games, could turn them in for prizes today.

The photo competition, part two, has come to an end. The categories were people of the Amsterdam, wildlife and landscape, architecture, and be creative. For a $5.00 entry fee, an 8 x 10 printed copy of your photo will be entered. Anyone can enter a photo in each category. Voting will take place on March 2nd. You know what? The photo gallery is off the beaten path for us, and we have not made a pass through it since day one. Over the years, we have collected scores of photos, so we do not feel the need to buy more. And we are certain that the prices have gone up since we last bought photos.

The problems with the internet have not gone away, although some of the team of technicians have left. At times, we can post to some sites, but have had problems sending and receiving emails. What we and our buddies do not understand is why do we lose a minute each and every time we log on? If used daily, that could be a loss of over 100 minutes by the end of the trip. Gosh we wish this new system was not in place for this trip.

To answer a question about the laundry tags that are ironed on the clothing, it does not matter if you leave the tag on. Each time the item is laundered, a new tag will be added. Besides your room number, the tags change color and also have other numbers on them.

Looking forward to the next two days in Hong Kong.

Sunset at 6:21pm


But no rain

Deck nine, a great place for sunset watching

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