Monday, March 17, 2014

Report # 78 Sailing Towards Victoria, Seychelles March 17, 2014 Monday Partly cloudy, 82 degrees

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! What a day to cross the Equator once again. We would ave expected it to be even hotter today, but to our delight, there was more of a breeze blowing across the decks. Anything is better than almost nothing. We even spotted some dolphins jumping in the distance as the Amsterdam sailed in between the coral atolls of the Maldives. Too far for us to see any of the islands, we hope that one day they will be on the world cruise itinerary once again. Never been there.

During his talk today, the Captain mentioned that he had been getting many questions about the possibility of the missing airplane, and the ongoing search for it. Some inquiring minds wanted to know if he had been recruited in the search for any sign of wreckage. His answer was, no, but as always, the crew are on the lookout for anything unusual anyway. It is not out of the question that we could be sailing in a suspect area, and could be of some help. At this point, nobody knows.

Our two guest speakers gave talks on Indian cricket, and women pirates, a much more exciting subject. The rest of the daily activities were geared towards the special "green" holiday, especially the activities this evening. Beginning at 6:15pm, there was a show for the late seating guests in the Queens Lounge. An Irish comedian by the name of Paul Brogan took the stage and entertained the folks with lively jokes, we heard. The same show was repeated at 8pm for the early birds. For a change, Debbie Bacon, our Piano Bar entertainer, played and sang Irish tunes at 9:30pm in the Queens Lounge.

Competing with all that was the 9pm Irish Craic, a four cocktail special for the price of $19.95 in the Crows Nest. Many of us had asked the cruise director why these events are starting during our dinner time. He said that it brought in at least 25% more folks. Well, in oreder to make things more fair for the second group, they re-ran the party at 10:30pm, but in the Queens Lounge, with hopes of the party ending in the Crows Nest afterwards. Not sure how many folks will stay up for that party. Surely not us. Maybe, Barb. She loves parties.

We had two more presents this evening. They were two boxes of 100% cotton, tree-free crane-paper cards with envelopes. These will be most useful here as well as at home, since all of the cards are blanks to be used for any occassion. And the other surprise, was one more hour back on the clocks.

 Two boxes of 100% cotton, tree-free crane
paper note cards and envelopes

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