Saturday, March 22, 2014

Report # 83 Sailing Towards Port Louis, Mauritius March 22, 2014 Saturday Partly cloudy, 85 degrees, possible rain

Green window garden
Tracking our progress
We are here
Another day at sea found the temperatures still high as well as the humidity when we took our early morning walk. Now that we are sailing south, the east side of the ship has been unbearably warm, especially on the promenade deck. Most all of the smart folks were sitting on the opposite side, and only a handful of people were walking. Truthfully, we did not last long, because there was a job waiting for us in our room. That was three days worth of photos to be dealt with.

We usually do not let things get behind, so three days was too long. We did not realize it was 12:30pm until the cruise director came on the speaker and announced that there was a pod of dolphins, 200 in all, jumping in front of the ship. Great timing for us, because we were able to whip out the good camera and get some shots from the window. These were the smaller of the dolphin family, but they sure did put on a good show as they lined up and jumped in a row.

More jumping dolphins

Going different ways

What a show
Dolphins having fun
Healthy creature
Getting further away
Pretty large
Getting tired
Still jumping
About gone
In the meantime, two talks were held in the Queens Lounge. One was on the aid and development of Africa and the other on oceanography and biological interactions. Sounds like pretty deep science to us. Have you ever heard of speed wine tasting? Well according to Barb who has attended a few, you are served several types of wines in a matter of minutes for $5.00. Bet lots of guests find it necessary to have a nap after that activity.

Besides picking up our passports at the front desk, we had to buy some Euros for the stop in Reunion. They absolutely will not take US dollars we were told. Tomorrow's port of Mauritius should be fine for taking dollars, except not much may be opened. During the Captain's afternoon talk, he mentioned that we would be coming into a storm system that may bring rain tomorrow. We have been lucky so far with little rain to hamper our visits.

We did get some pooltime in, and a wonderful breeze popped up. Dark clouds were everywhere, but the navigation team kept the ship zigzagging to miss the rain. With the winds and seas getting higher and rougher, we know the weather will be changing soon. So we left the pool to have some lunch in our room and watch a silly movie.

By the time we decided to take a walk, the decks were closed because the crew was hosing them down. Going up to deck nine was not much better. It had rained heavily and the upper teak decks were about flooded. The winds almost blew us over. So much for that. It was also dark, having missed the sunset at 6pm. Good time to check the entrees in the Lido. We had already decided on the marinated steak salad and the Yankee pot roast with mashed potatoes.

Most all of us were back to the dinner table, except for Bill, who had gotten sick in India. Since he is running a fever and had to make a visit to the ship's doctor, he is quarantined now until 10am tomorrow. His wife, Marianne, did come to dinner, sharing all of her overland trip information with us all. They did have a great time, but unfortunately, several of them picked up a nasty bug on the way back. Perhaps it was a food borne illness, not NORO. Bill and Marianne did have a HAL tour planned for tomorrow, but if he still has a fever after 10am, he will not be allowed to go off of the ship. In that case, he will get his money back for the shore excursion. We sure hope he will be better soon.

Three nights ago there was an entertainer, a comedian, who may have bombed, according to Margaret and Keith. They reported that he was so bad, they actually walked out of the showlounge. It was his topic of humor that did not get laughs from this crowd. Last night there was a trumpet player, but no one mentioned his show tonight. Two young ladies from London's West End, by the name of Elite, took the stage to sing a wide variety of showtunes this evening. Maureen had gone to the early show, then joined us for dessert. She said that the girls were OK, but had piercingly loud voices that went right through her. Think we'll pass on this one.

Hope tomorrow's port of Mauritius is not a washout.

First sunflower to bloom in our room

Second one to bloom
Third one opened up yesterday

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  1. Fantastic photos of the dolphins. Best I've seen posted. Enjoy your safari