Sunday, April 30, 2017

Report #120 Cartagena, Colombia April 29, 2017 Saturday Chance of rain & 91 degrees Part #2 Of 2 66 Pictures

More photos of Cartagena……



A young bird we think


Curly-topped great currasow


Remember Tina Turner, the singer?  Same hair, almost…..


A wading water bird we cannot identify


Keel-billed toucan


These can be aggressive


One of these used to like to untie shoes


Channel-billed toucan


Resting military macaw


Oh my, what big eyes you have…..


A wader


Silver pheasant


Ringneck pheasant


Channel-billed toucan


Blue eye ring, white chest


Green bill and green eye patches




Pretty markings, but cannot ID


Possibly a dwarf cassowary


Too cute


Squirrel monkey, also tiny


Savoring his candy


The way out of the gardens to the taxis


Jungle gyms


White male peacock


Scarlet macaw digging for stones


Looking for a long time


Inside the terminal store


Many treasures


Fluffy flamingo


The walkway into the terminal shop


Juvenile pelicans


A rock crab


Finding shade under the trellis


A female frigate


Amsterdam was the only cruise ship in port today


Still bunkering fuel


The bow


Docked on the starboard side – no shuttle today


Sailaway Pictures


La Popa – 490 feet high above the city and the bay


Container port


Tugboat ready to assist


Brand new tugs


Convent of La Popa


Brown pelican




Way too hot to stay back here long


Here comes the tugs


Egrets nesting in the mangroves


Full of birds




Bay of Cartagena


A pleasure boat


Frigate - girl


Soaring overhead


Always looking to steal food from other birds


Many containers wait shipping


Old Town


High rise hotels


The new statue being erected in the harbor


Much taller and nicer than the old one


Boca Grande – resorts and condos


Small island facility


Vacation heaven of Cartagena


Pierino Gallo Mall located in this area





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