Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Report #10 Transiting the Panama Canal & Fuerte Amador ,Panama January 9, 2018 Tuesday Overcast & 85 degrees Part #3 Of 3 57 Pictures

Last of the pictures…..



Leaving the last lock


Grey heron




A very large rodent


Three of them were grazing


Wonder if these are edible?


The river is on the other side of the grass


Last year, we saw a dozen of them




Local authorities began leaving the Amsterdam


Pilot boat


Church on the hillside


New canal zone


Birds on the buoy


A lucky sighting


An osprey


Suddenly flew over the ship


All alone


Watching us


On his way to the new locks


A clear view


Only one we saw


Getting a bit far away


He landed somewhere here


The tide was low today


Panama City


Ships in Panama


Possibly a savannah hawk


New set of cranes




Old cranes


Expanded for more business

Boats looked grounded


Going under the Bridge of the Americas


Muddy banks – low tide


View of the old bridge from the aft pool


Pleasure boats near Fuerte Amador


Mostly fishing boats


A string of pelicans in flight


More pelicans


Resting on the buoy 


Frank Gehry Building – a Biomuseum


Oceania’s Marina


The last island of Fuerte Amador



The Marina is anchored


Close to town


Bird rock


The Marina – 1258 passengers/The Quest – 777 passengers


We will drop anchor near both of them


This rock is for the birds - literally








Flock of birds on the water


Sun is going down




They left late at night



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