Thursday, January 25, 2018

Report #24 Opunohu, Moorea, French Polynesia January 23, 2018 Tuesday 83 degrees & Chance of Rain Part #3 Of 4 67 Pictures

The pictures continue…..



Few guests were visible


Hotel bar


Regal seating


Covered dining room


We prefer the outdoor seating


Specials of the day


The menu


Two Hinano draft beers


What’s for lunch?


Freshly baked French bread rolls with butter imported from New Zealand


View of the pool and the lagoon


The patio was all ours


Little hen doubled as an i-robot


Ham and cheese pizza to share


With a side order of fries


Here comes the rooster




Brownies with vanilla ice cream


Shops on the property


Hotel grounds


The adult pool


The shallow family pool


Reserved for paying guests only


Pool bar and cafe


Pure white hibiscus


Pareos in the breeze


The pristine beach front


Dive centers


Boat rentals




Secluded area for the guests


Wooden pier from the hotel


A few huts on the water


Best view ever


Time to go


Bird-covered rock




Looked like rain was coming


Serene setting




Must be off-season


Going back


Pareos give this spot color


White sand was clean


Other small businesses on the property


Lodge of the hotel


Seating in the shade


Convention area


Pool was sure enticing


The entire edge overflowed


Lounge chairs for many guests


Restaurant display


Spacious dining room


Queenie for a day


Jungle growth


Flame tree


Bananas with the blossom below




The walk back


Small boats belong to the natives


The perfect tiare


Grassy setting




Getting closer to civilization


There’s the church


Tender boat waiting


Our new flower arrangement



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