Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Report #22 Avatoru, Rangiroa, French Polynesia January 21, 2018 Sunday Chance of rain & 85 degrees Part #2 Of 4 80 Pictures

More pictures…..

The wind picked up – notice the palm leaves blowing


A burned up vehicle


Something bad happened here


Rain is coming soon


A passing shower


One of several dive centers


Perfect palm


Small openings in the motu


Waters connect the sea to the lagoon


Actually flows like a river


The road is a bridge over this outlet


Impressive clouds


The bridge over the lagoon river


Flows quickly back and forth depending on the tide


Many small fish in these salt water rivers


A natural cleaning process


The Windstar sailing ship


Rushing in or out depending on the tide


There was a stiff breeze blowing through the opening


Good place for birds to forage


Shallow waters


Another postal route marker


Swaying palms


Greener roadsides


Tangled vines


Crossing the road bridge


Good hunting for the birds


The tide was going out


Lagoon waters


Bill faces the massive lagoon


Birds working the water


More clouds were on the way


One lone green-backed heron


Searching for food


All alone


A fishing net hanging in the front yard


Frangipani was fragrant


Palm trees


Grove of tiare bushes


White tiare


Mangrove trees


Beginning of the airport runway


Long flat spot on the atoll


The “big” airport


A plane would land soon


Postal route # 4



Sand on the tarmac


Completely fenced


The atoll narrows at this point


Atoll with the turquoise colors


Azure blue


Pretty as a picture


You must agree – it is paradise


A Twin Go vehicle


The only bank we saw today


Sign explains the story of the vini bird


The menu at the airport


Little bar and café at the airport


Bench seating


An extensive map of the area


The lagoon side


Airport building


Many shades of blue


Not too busy today


A lazy Sunday morning


A tower


Graffiti in Rangiroa


Clothing shop – closed on Sunday


the “green car” was $50 for 2 hours


Ana Creations is never open when we are here


Doubles as a tourist info place


Te Mao, a night club


Back to the road


Another small cafe


Possibly a noni fruit – it had red ants too


A gathering of Sunday church-goers


Snack shack


Coconuts – watch your head


Chickens crossing the road


Always better on the other side of the road



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