Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Report #23 Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia January 22, 2018 Monday Chance of rain & 86 degrees Part #2 Of 4 80 Pictures

More photos…..


Streets of Papeete


Very green today


Healthy hibiscus




Streets are being re-done




Wood carving of the Madonna and child with breadfruit


Church’s interior


Stained glass windows


Polynesian style


Old church


Built in 1875


Wall art takes up the entire side of a building




No big Walmart here


Excellent graffiti


This is new




Modern in the 1950’s


Compass rose at the government complex




Assembly of the Polynesian government


Place Tarahoi


Historical site


Pathway to the gardens


Nicely landscaped


A pond lines the path


Tiki carving




Pink ginger


Native plants


Many palms


Water lilies


Pretty landsacpe


All the plants and trees are identified


Kids were playing ball


Looking for the eels


Kids at the queen’s pond


More water lilies


Neat lawn area


A bloom ready to open


Mangrove tree


Cool setting


Ducks were hiding from the kids


Buildings on the grounds


Area used for craft shows


Flags mark the spot


A games rooster


Entrance to the Assembly


Bathroom wall art


Bougainville Park


Meandering stream


More public restrooms


Pond fish


Once again, no eels


Eels may have eaten these fish


So they removed them


Park history


Tall trees


Monument to Bougainville


Famous figure in Papeete


Looking for birds


Typical thatched hut


A cannon


The walk back


This street is under construction


Will be remodeled


Urban renewal


Wonder if Coke makes this brand?


An expensive collection of black pearls


Many small shops


Older buildings are crumbling


Will be like new in a few years


Good shade


Two cruise ships in port




Benches in the sun


Must be a turn-around port for the Whisper




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