Saturday, February 3, 2018

Report #33 Auckland, New Zealand February 2, 2018 Friday Chance of sun & 74 degrees Part #4 Of 5 71 Pictures

The hike continues…..



Looking for a place for lunch


Windsor Castle for lunch?


Guess not….it was closed until dinner


More of a nightclub, we think


A pharmacy


Brick building


Lunch at Mink Cafe


Sometimes small is better


Outdoor dining too


They did have wine


Casual cafe


Ready to order


Beer instead of wine


Margherita pizza – looks good


Fries also


So hot, cooked fresh


Dessert was a piece of art


Too nice to eat


Hiking back towards the wharf


Ice cream sandwich


Parks throughout the city


Lots of traffic, despite gas being 2.11NZD a liter = 8.44 per gallon approximately


Train crossing


Old Railway Station


Story of this area


Hotel down by the harbor


Countdown is the local grocery store


A ramp into Countdown


Shopping done, going back to the ship


One of many pubs in the Britomart district


Ship  docked


The old Ferry Building


Downtown will be all new soon


Queen’s Wharf


Street to the ship


The ice cream shop near the ferry building


Hotel on Princes Wharf


Classic design


Crab shack


More businesses


A kiwi-style burger


Clever name for a restaurant


America’s Cup area


Very crowded tonight


Super yachts


Outside drinking


One of many boats in this marina


Some sleek yachts


Happy silver gull


Always looking for hand outs


A herring gull


Everyone is nice


Ready to sail




Good place to stop


Did not want to get stuck on the opposite side


What a view from here


Construction going on in the Wynyard district


Another view of Sky Tower


Filled to capacity


A Maori portal


A touch of British deco


Pizza place resembles a ship


Beast & Butterflies Restaurant


Street lights


The café in the sky


Downtown being renovated


The ship will leave by 8pm


Last of the guests coming back


Ferry terminal


Basketball courts by the ship



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