Sunday, February 11, 2018

Report #41 Sydney, Australia February 10, 2018 Saturday Sunny & 83 degrees Part #4 Of 4 38 Pictures

Last of the photos on day one…..


More souvenirs stalls in the Rocks


Caminetto’s is up the street


Italian Restaurant


Very busy here today


Got room for two more?


The menu


Indoor seating is minimum


The bar


Water first


No empty seats


Sol beer is a Mexican brew, made in the Netherlands by Heineken, and imported to England and Ireland


The best Margherita pizza so far


Plenty for two


Street traffic


Dessert was coco-powdered ice cream


Saved a little room for a sweet treat


Continuing on


Clock tower of the Rocks


Many years ago, we purchased a real digeridoo here


Wow, look at those pies


A popular pub


Buried in buildings


Heading back to the bus stop


Up the street and over the hill


Most popular Apple store


Future light rail transit




We will come back here tomorrow


Apartments with a view


Westfield’s owns the tower


Hotel – early 1900’s


The Sydney Fish Market


Ships in the harbor


White Bay Terminal


Entering the building


A real propeller for a ship


Interior of the terminal



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