Thursday, February 8, 2018

Report #38 Fiordland National Park - Scenic cruising February 7, 2018 Wednesday Mostly sunny & 76 degrees Part #2 Of 4 81 Pictures

Doubtful Sound………


Beginning the trek into Doubtful Sound


Tall spires of the mountains


Much greener here


Mountains blanketed with beeches and brush


The busy bow area


Great spot to view these peaks


Walls of the fjord


Goes straight up


The Tasman Sea beyond the opening


Meandering scenic ride


Beech trees of the rain forest


They do get 180 to 200 inches of rain a year


Lucky, it did not rain today




Scars in the hillside are from falling rocks and trees


An inviting beach


Blue colors in the waters


Dramatic hills


No shoreline huts here


Bet this water is cold


The NCL Jewel leads the pack


Blue sky


Blue waters


Notice the smoke from the Jewel’s stack


That smoke would stay with us all day


Downed timber


Many erosion scars


Caused by too much rain


Green all the way down to the water line


The sun was warm


Clean smoke?


Steep canyons




There he goes…..


Famous falls


Finding it’s way down.






Long way to fall


Sends waves of mist


No people allowed onshore


Making its way to the fjord




A ribbon of water


Caves – good place for bats


Cut by the winds


Almost looks dry


Hillsides could hide some birds


Little human activity


Best way to visit the transit – from the bow


Granite cut by melting snow


One of a few birds we saw


Rock slide


Protected park


Looks like a way out


A place for boats


Driftwood, not boats


Hidden falls






Can see the NCL Jewel ahead




A perfect beach – no people


Sandy beach


Rocky shoreline




Doubtful Sound


No big crowd outside today


Enjoying the scenery


Top layer of water has tannins


Drier hillsides


An island


Caves could be a habitat for bats


Marine layer of fog on the horizon


One lost gannet


A few diving boats


Search for black coral here


Gentle surf


Many scars on the hillsides


Glad the sun came out


Rocky outcroppings




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