Sunday, February 4, 2018

Report #34 Tauranga, New Zealand February 3, 2018 Saturday Partly cloudy & 73 degrees Part #3 Of 4 50 Pictures

Our walk continued…..



Police Station


Port entrance


Have to show ID and ship card to get in


Choose your goodbye


Logo for 2018


New flower arrangement


Distinct rose blossoms




A cormorant wall art


Escorting a freighter


Harbor boat


Locals may watch from the top


Peaceful harbor side


There are sheep all over here


They appear as grains of rice on the hillsides


Shallow waters of the harbor


Shore birds work the exposed sand bank


Commercial cranes


Herring gull


Much larger than a silver gull


Local boat


Party boat


Celebrating Saturday night


Bird has an oyster in its beak








Looking for food






Funny, they are going the same way


Even this gull


Working container port


A pile of lumber


Tug was pulling us


Dozens of shore birds on the sand


This one is different


Sea mist in the gap


Someone saw seals here, but we did not


They have been fishing all day


A clear picture


Herring gull


Looks like a toy boat


Kia Ora – Maori for welcome


Pier outside the port gates


You can see harbor to ocean




Boats in the harbor


Foraging for food


Lucky for them when the tide goes out


Shore birds





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