Sunday, February 4, 2018

Report #34 Tauranga, New Zealand February 3, 2018 Saturday Partly cloudy & 73 degrees Part #4 Of 4 Sailaway 40 Pictures

Final photos…..

The sun disappeared by now

Once the sun was gone, it got chilly

The main street across the island

Sheep grazing

Keep the grass down

Picnic goers were gone now

A quiet waterfront

Fences keep the sheep in

A hillside with sheep

Interesting statue in the harbor

Two cormorants

They dive for fish


Green hillsides

Saying farewell to us

The passage narrows

People on the bank

Some locals were watching from the top

Is that a face on the tank?

Lots of beach, no swimming

Heading for Napier

Benches along the rugged trail

A hike we have taken

Wave runners jump the swells

The ship was creating bigger waves

That’s gotta be cold

Love the waves

Windy tonight

Isolated shore

Mt. Maunganui

End of the peninsula of Tauranga

Coming out into the Pacific side

Treacherous rocks

That is the surfing beach

Little island we hiked

Beach were volleyball was happening

Many high rise hotels on this side

Getting further away

Starting to get rough

Also starting  to rain now

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