Monday, May 1, 2017

Report #121 Panama Canal Transit April 30, 2017 Sunday Partly cloudy & 88 degrees Part #2 Of 3 87 Pictures

More pictures, of course…..



Twin suspensions


Canal tug


Gold Hill


Many high-flying birds


Good tree for perching


Probably a vulture


Going under


Going into Pedro Miguel Locks


Lock building in between two sets of locks side-by-side


A tropical tree


Pedro Miguel


The car carrier at Miraflores


Facility at Miraflores


Two sets of locks here


A crane


Cargo ship in the new approach channel


Container ship in the new approach


Mule assisting us


A grackle


Fluffy feathers


Great egret


Graceful in flight


Pedro Miguel Locks




An MSC container ship in the new lock


End of the road for the mule


Local tug


Many shelters for canal workers


Frigates can have a wingspan up to 5 feet 8 inches


A female with a white throat patch


Watching the banks for wildlife


This is for the birds…..


Most of the birds were on the Pacific end


Exiting the final locks


Canal zone buildings


The restaurant at Miraflores


This ship was nice to photograph – good color


Here comes the car carrier on the left


Two sets of locks here


Side bank patio


Many onlookers at the restaurant


There is a dam overflow on the left bank


View of the lock wall from our window (garden is about done)


A set of swing span bridges


Never saw it used


Many clouds, but no rain here


Mango trees were full of fruit


Locks full for the Seven Seas Mariner


Miraflores Locks


Restaurant greeters


We sailed on this ship the first time 14 years ago


Two locks used to drop the ships


Very efficient


Draining the lock


Another ship in the new approach


Juvenile pelican


Does not have its adult colors yet


Powerful firehoses at the lock


Lock buildings


The Mariner enters the lock with several small sailboats


The final locks to the Pacific side


A tern


Two lanes of traffic


Terns fly really fast


A family of capybaras – native to this part of the world


What a strange sighting


These animals must live in the nearby mangroves


They come here for fresh water and grazing




Wonder if the local people eat capybaras?


A larger tern


Skies still cloudy, but no rain


New buildings on the new Miraflores locks




A twin prop plane






New facilities


Watch tower of the new locks


The new locks have three chambers


Water basins to re-circulate the lock water


A Mormon Temple, we think


Clear picture, but apparently injured


A hawk


Sun will be setting in an hour


New gates at  Miraflores


The local narrator leaving the Amsterdam





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