Sunday, May 7, 2017

Report #127 Sailing Towards Cabo San Lucas, Mexico May 6, 2017 Saturday Partly cloudy & 80 degrees

Today was different for us, because after breakfast, we took a very short walk, before coming back to our room to pack.  Oh, how we hate that word.  Ever since our head room steward left, our assistant has been working alone for a few days.  He has finally gotten a helper, but we have seen Three working until well after 10pm every night, just to catch up.  When these fellows or gals become a team, everything goes smoothly.  That is probably why the teams remain together for months at a time. 


So while there was a live folkloric performance happening poolside from noon to 1pm, we missed it…..we were packing. Same goes for the wildlife imagery from the BBC's extraordinary catalogue at 2pm or the basic Spanish lesson.  Actually, our initial plan was to stash all of the fragile gifts we had received this cruise, as well as the numerous shot glasses we purchased.  This is went in the large and small ice chests we brought.  "Knock on wood", nothing has ever broken that we put in these insulated chests. 


It always makes us laugh when we pull out all of the stuff we have squirreled under the bed.  That would be three wheeled duffels, one folded duffel, and three suitcases, two of which were nested together.  Our cold weather outer clothing was under there as well as all of the zip lock bags we put most everything in.  Then there were the smaller rolled duffels that were gifted to us, which we intend to take off of the ship with us in San Francisco.  Everything else will be shipped via Fed Ex from SF to our home.  This has got to be the easiest packing yet, since we do not have to worry about weights of suitcases for flying.  And also the last minute cosmetics that have to be in the checked luggage.  No flight?  No problem.


As long as our room looked like a hurricane hit it, we figured we may as well double bag the little stuff….seemed like hundreds of little stuff.  Like the drugstore things that have been hanging out in the shoe bag. Then there were shoes, purses, and piles of books that we had little time to read.  Also taking a lot of time is packing the costume jewelry one of us tends to bring and collect along the way. It was already 2pm, and we had not even gotten to the clothes in the closets.  


We had missed lunchtime in the dining room, so we made a run for some pizza and a couple of pre-made sandwiches.  Better than nothing, we guess, but the pizza is never freshly cooked when you go after 2pm.  And the later you go, the slices have been sitting for a long time, either drying out or soggy.  We have been hearing better reports of pizza on some of the other newer HAL ships, where they have a real pizza oven, and make it order while you wait.  


By 4pm, we had done all we cared to and watched a movie while eating our lunch.  Time for a walk to get some fresh air.   We saw Denise and Howie relaxing on the promenade lounges, and discovered we had missed pod after pod of dolphins.  Figures……At least the weather has gotten more comfortable, even though it was cloudy, it was also less humid.  It seems that the air-conditioning has been having problems with this warmer weather.  Some areas have been stifling hot, while other like a refrigerator. Bet the crew will be glad to be getting to Alaska soon.


Around 5pm, we headed for deck five to listen to the Ocean Trio in the Ocean Bar.  Their music is pretty good, and the singer is good.  The most fun we have is watching the photographer taking pictures or trying to convince the guests to take portraits.  Two out of three of the ship's photographers have become more aggressive with pressuring folks to stop.  Most all of them say no, thanks, while a few others like it.  We are among the guests that always say no, and they know it.


Tonight was Gala night, and most everyone dressed nicely.  We only saw a few fellows in long sleeve shirts and no jackets.  The majority in the dining room have kept to the more formal wear, especially the ladies, who looked lovely.  We did notice one change when we sat down at our table.  There was a new table plack with a card in the middle giving the names of our waiter, the assistant, and our wine steward, who happens to be Nestor.  He is doing a duel job, as he has taken over as the head sommelier, and most proud of it too.


The meal was great.  We had Caesar salads, no anchovies.  When it arrived, they were quite small.  Guess the supply of lettuce is getting less and less.  Our next big supply will be in SF for sure.  We both ordered the lamb wellington with bacon-wrapped green beans and tiny potatoes.  The gravy was beyond excellent.  Our dessert was an apple mixture in a flaky pastry wrap….ice cream on the side.  So good…..


The show in the Queens Lounge was a repeat one for us, Shirley Dominguez, a harpist with Latin tunes.


The clocks went back one hour tonight, so now we only have one more back, and we will be on Pacific time.


Tomorrow will be another sea day, and perhaps to get in a little back deck time in the sun.


Bill & Mary Ann





  1. FYI---been on the Rotterdam the last couple of cruises .. a 49 day Europe last Oct and a 21 day Caribbean in Feb--NEW PIZZA OVENS.. personal size-pizza is ordered similar to the Dive-In with a beeper ..not sitting around..located by the aft pool adjacent to the Pool Bar... many choices.. not bad for on the ship

    1. better make that 'by the aft non-pool' a/k/a Retreat area to be technically correct :) :)

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