Friday, May 5, 2017

Report #125 Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala May 4, 2017 Chance of rain & 92 degrees Part #2 of 3 88 Pictures

More pictures of Puerto Quetzal…..




Christmas decorations are always here


Tiles concrete seating


Looks so tropical


Handmade household treasures


Chicken plastic bag holder good idea, but plastic bags are almost outlawed


Padded wall hangings – good for pincushions


More plastic bag holders


Gallo beer sold here


A coffee drinking palapa


The big thatched hut


Mayan art


The Mariner on the left, Maasdam on the right


Long bridge to the ship


Most ships we have even seen here


Gangway and water station


Perfect fountain


Many stalls with nice things


Good prices as well


Easy to make several shopping runs


Possibly dredging


Military base and ships at anchor


Kayaking duo


Bet there is an undertow on the Pacific side


Leaving the pier at Puerto Quetzal




Colorful flags


Shade hut on the beach


John, the head security officer waits for the last guests to board


Sun was setting


Many palm trees provide much needed shade


Nice marina


The Seven Seas Mariner will probably stay much later


Bridge is finally empty


Now you can see the small oasis at the pier


Guatemala flag


Fishing boat coming back


Port security


Piles of coal near this marina


Naval vessels


Another quiet sail away


Clouds mean rain


One local pretty bird


May be a kiskadee




The best colors were on the tugs


Enjoying sail away with buddies Deise and Howie


Basic tugboat


Until we meet again…..


Assisting us


Sun setting on the dock


A few cranes in the working port


Rays shine through the clouds


Guards taking photos of us


The Maasdam would follow us


Getting ready to leave


Lots of horn tooting


Neat tug


Power plant smoking


The commercial port of Guatemala


Two ships left for a short time


Another tug


The volcanoes appeared briefly


Maasdam passengers watching us leave


Two mountain peaks


An abandoned hut


A housing test gone wrong


Beachfront property


Coastline must be vulnerable to Pacific storms


There goes the Maasdam


Mariner was tied up in the loading zone


Good, but brief view of some volcanoes


The sun was setting


Pilot's job was a short one


Storage sheds in the port area


A shrimp boat


Maasdam leaving the port


A banana freighter


Small but efficient port for Guatemala


Shrimp boat


Waiting their turn to dock


A few ships anchored here


Great colors in the setting sun


Port traffic


The Mariner stayed




There goes the sun


Not a bad sunset


Disappeared behind the clouds once again








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