Saturday, May 6, 2017

Report #126 Huatulco, Mexico May 5, 2017 Friday Partly cloudy & 87 degrees Part #3 Of 3 66 Pictures

Last of the photos……


Gazebo in the park


Flowering shrub


A press of some kind


Food vendors in the park


Nice shops on the way to the beach


Even some grocery stores there


Leaving the park


Nice shops, but expensive


Artisan Shop


Going back to the beach area


Area where they have many fishing competitions


Perfect palms


Restaurant looked inviting, but mostly seafood


Really like the tablecloths  -  glad we bought one


Looked ceramic, but were made of wood


Wooden bowls were $25


Nice treasures mad with abalone shells – not cheap either


Shaded area


A huge plaza


One of many cafes and bars


The coolest paintings on the building


This is art


Giant butterfly


The old church (no longer painted pink)


Inside the church


Adobe oven at Ve el Mar Restaurant


The nicest restaurant in town


Good Mexican beers


Siamese cat looked tame, so of


Tortilla chips and salsa….hot


Many folks were using the free wifi


Eating or on cellphones


Beers went down fast


Little old dog going upstairs slowly


Soft taco quesadillas…so good


Enjoying every bite


She was roasting a platter of veggies for fajitas


Jewelry vendor


Fried plantains rolled in cinnamon sugar dipped in cream


We are not sharing the dessert with you


Looking inside the adobe oven heated with wood


The restaurant with the best lunch




Incredibly hot today


Escaping the shop owners on the way back


Last chance for shopping


Official store recommended on the ship


She had better stuff


Folk art of Mexico


Cooler walking


These shops were pricey


No, these were not for sale


Ship waiting


A really big giraffe


Stopping in the shade


This is one trees with many types of blossoms and seeds


The ship will be cooler


What a view


Local drink vendors


A Canadian flag….why?


This looks like Mexico with the cactus


Many swimmers today




Perched on a cliff


Flowers redone by Bill


Our new tablecloth



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