Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Report #129 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Mexico May 8, 2017 Monday Partly cloudy & 76 degrees Part #2 Of 3 88 Pictures

The pictures continue…..


Harley Davidson shop…..mucho pesos


Neat antique gas pump


Boutiques of treasures


Some items from Turkey


High end shopping mall


A most upscale shopping area


Baja Brewing Co.


Wavy walkway all the way around the marina


Such a nice spot in Baja


Any of these fishing boats will do


Lobster - live for lunch


Newest shops along this stretch of marina


We used to hit a sandy path to the beach


Blooming cactus


Adult brown pelican


Polka-dotted puffer fish


Two puffers


Old-looking ship among the new


Docking area for the dinner boats


Plenty of sandy beach space today


Two ships in the bay today


Can you tell the water is cold?


The new restaurant at the beach end of the marina


Good spot for boat traffic


Opposite shoreline beach – mostly for locals


Pelican flies above the water


Cabo tender


Sea lion and the raiding pelican


Mexican naval boat


Watching for seals


Not crowded today, even with two ships


More brave swimmers


Bonita complex


Oh, so cold


Space for one more resort….that will close the gap


So nicely done now


Shoreline resort


Pelicans perch on the fishing boats


Scenic for all


Dry rocky hillsides


Crane used to measure and weigh sport fishing


The walk back to lunch


Map of the marina


So many cafes


An established resort


Concrete coffee sacks and comical beans


Luxury Avenue – highest end


Puerto Paraiso


Baja Brewing iconic donkey


Tiled into the entryway floor


The brewery list of beers




Mesquite Fired Pizzas – oh happy day……


Many types of home-brewed beers


Will try the mile-high nachos next time


The bar area


Baja Brewing collector glass


Two types


Blonde beer was good


Crunchy and thin crust


Had to have two….they were that good


Entry to the mall


The Harley Davidson store


Looks like a desert


Crab on the rocks


Decorative lighthouse


A t-shirt design popular in Mexico


Back to Senor Frog's 


One of many shops


We agree…..


Collectibles in the Mercado


Barking sea lion


Looking for treats




Pelicans begging for fish too




They are like pets


Still barking


Young birds


Easy dining for the seals


Kind of cute, but so big




Resting on the boat ramp


Adult colored out


Look at those teeth


Always hungry


Feed me……


Feed me too……





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