Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Report #123 Puntarenas, Costa Rica May 2, 2017 Tuesday Partly cloudy & 92 degrees Part #2 Of 3 88 Pictures

Photos continued…..




Most of the locals stay inside during the heat of the day


Blue is a good color (cool)


Mature street trees were nice


A bar near the soccer stadium


One stop sign….no traffic




Someone lives upstairs (laundry day)


Palm-lined malecon


Vacation rooms for rent


Pepsi is sold here


Cafes and restaurants


A sign in the park – clean up after your dog, please


Painted cement benches


A mega Churchill is a sweet drink


Perhaps a night club


A public beach


Statues along the malecon


Concrete benches line the entire water front


The nicest one


Golden chain tree


Modern art


White-winged dove


Las Brisas Hotel and Restaurant


In our opinion, the best spot in town


Sunning iguana


These rocks were full of the lizards


Can you see two ships docked?  The Mariner was completely hidden.


Long stretch of beach


A park area near the ferry landing


Cooling off for a minute


Nicely paved square on the water's edge


A nice hotel


Bimbo Bread, a sign on a delivery truck


Hotel on the end of the spit


Room for lots of tourists


The road wrapped around the tip


San Lucas Beach Club


There is a lighthouse around the bend


San Lucas Fish Co.  -  restaurant


Great place to catch the breeze


The lighthouse


We cannot see this from the ship


Beach club and huge swimming pool


Shore birds


There is no swimming allowed here


A working lighthouse


The road led to the ferry landing


It was here that we lost the strong breeze




Small boat harbor


Quiet on this side of the spit too


Panderia Quesada Ferry


Ferry hours and fares


More bars and cafes


A busy spot for the ferry landing


The ferry


Waiting for customers


Street vendor cooking chicken


Picnic grounds of the private beach club


This was fenced off to the public


A banyan tree


Not crowded today


A pretty sight


Gosh, this looked inviting


We saw only two or three people swimming


The beach club and restaurant


A flamboyant tree


Another nice café and bar


The walk back to Las Brisas


They have the right idea


Hotel property


Las Brisas Hotel


Now this was nice


And the breeze was priceless


The menu was in Costa Rican money – 540 to one US dollar




And prices


Imperial is the local brew of Costa Rica ($2.25 for one)


Drink choices


More prices


Had the place to ourselves for a while


Hotel's swimming pool


Open-air seating


Tables for groups


Spicy sauces


Green salsa



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  1. I always enjoys your photos and how you enjoy the sites, the eats and the drinks of every port!