Thursday, May 4, 2017

Report #124 Corinto, Nicaragua May 3, 2017 Wednesday Partly cloudy & 92 degrees Part #2 Of 3 88 Pictures

More pictures of our day in Corinto……




Pastels colors, even the cars


DVD's for sale


Assorted veggies and fruit


The only two story house in town


Corner store


Best way to get around this small town


Even the local ladies use this transport


A row of shops


Tip Top?


Cooking outdoors – the BBQ chicken smelled good


Bubble tea sold here


He was selling something


A tiled sidewalk


Cobbled streets


Side streets were basically empty


Knick-knack store


Produce and other stuff


Produce "melting" in the heat of the day


Great colors


This street was closed to car traffic


Clothes shop


A very nice home here


Locally-made furniture


A government building being re-modeled


Outer part of town was quiet


Highest-end clothing


Too hot to shop


Look at that hair do – must be extensions


One way to dry your clothes


Every window is barred


Every entrance is locked


Some are stores, others homes


Homes that share a common courtyard in the back


Most all the locals were watching TV soccer


Good way to spend the day here… TV with a big fan blowing


Bright paint helps


Walking towards the restaurant, we think


Nicely done


Deserted at noon


We heard today was a local holiday


Many shops closed too


Schools were closed


Where is everybody?


Few cars here


A row of housing


Fancy fence


Maybe everyone is at work or in the central park


Nicer homes


There may be a stable behind these doors


Saw evidence of donkey droppings




Thank goodness for the trees


So quiet


Cool colors


Signs of civilization


Looks like a cafe


We found it – Restaurant Costa Azul


Bouganvilla marks the entrance


Follow the mosaics


View from the patio


Café opposite Costa Azul


The best table in the outdoor patio


Ice cold Tona beer ($2)


What a deal


best way to cool off


A beach near the restaurant


These are the best colors


Patio of the Costa Azul


View of the harbor


Ketsup made in Nicaragua


Waves breaking over the entrance


Fried chicken fingers came with a veggie salad and French fries


Fried cheese on fried plantains/vinigrette with onions


The tide was coming in


No swimming here


Small fishing boats


Time to go


The biggest restaurant in town


Recommended by the ship


Known for their seafood


El Peruano next door


Heading back to town


You will see this sign worldwide




One dog we saw



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