Sunday, May 28, 2017

Report # 134: Response to our final report for the 2017 World Cruise

For those who are interested, this is the response we received from the Office of the President of HAL in regards to our final report of the changes we noticed while sailing on this year's world cruise.  In our opinion, their comments are no more and no less than what we expected to hear. 

If their promise to share our comments with the appropriate department heads for consideration, then perhaps we did our job well.  Time will tell…..

Bill & Mary Ann

May 23, 2017
Thank you for contacting Mr. Orlando Ashford regarding your 2017 ms Amsterdam Grand World Voyage. Mr. Ashford has reviewed your feedback and as President's Club members, has asked me to respond directly to you on his behalf.

It is always important for a company such as ours to know the areas in which we are meeting and exceeding guest expectations and those areas in which additional attention or change is needed. We greatly appreciate your time in bringing to our attention the constructive comments and suggestions given only for our benefit; especially knowing that as long time cruisers with our line, you have experienced many changes throughout the years. We acknowledge that, especially on long voyages that attract many long-time Mariners such as the Grand World Voyage, our Mariners do appreciate the long-standing traditions Holland America Line is known for. While we do work to keep many of these traditions alive, we also work to offer variety and fresh new alternatives that keep our sailings evolving.

It is important to note that our cruisers have a wide range of interests and abilities and we do strive to offer something for everyone ­ and understand that some of our offerings do not fit the needs of some; however, feedback is important in choosing what aspects are embraced by most. We have compiled your detailed comments and shared them with the various members of senior management as they constantly work to improve upon the services we offer in all aspects of a guest's sailing.

Thank you again for contacting us. On behalf of Mr. Ashford, we look forward to welcoming you aboard another sailing very soon. Until then, we wish you all the best.

Kind regards,
Special Advisor
Office of the President


  1. Thanks so much for following up on this. Unfortunately, they are just giving the standard "lip service" with no real solution to the issues. Maybe if more of us wrote to them, they would, at the very least, keep the Grand in the Grands. There are plenty of places for them to cut stuff....just leave the Grands and the clientele (their most loyal people) that take those cruises faithfully, alone.

    Linda R.

  2. Thank you for sending your input to Seattle. I think it's important for them to hear!

  3. This reply is almost word for word that I received two years ago when I sent a complaint to HAL. I went on one more HAL cruise and finally gave up and went to Oceania and am very happy. I had over 500 days aboard HAL and it was very sad to see it go so far down hill.