Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Report #129 Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Mexico May 8, 2017 Monday Partly cloudy & 76 degrees Part 3 Of 3 88 Pictures

Last of the pictures……



Last of the seal lion                 


The terminal for the tender boats


Many years ago, all there was for the tender was a cement boat launch


One for the Amsterdam, and one for the Carnival Miracle


Cabo tender


Going back to the ships


Crowded tender boat, but really nice people


Nice houseboats


Any one of these yachts will do




Leaving the marina


Watching for sea lions


New resort along the way out


Sun bathing a fun way


White, sandy, and clean beach


Water is getting rough


Condos and resorts with a killer view


Sea lions follow the small boats


Photo from the tender boat


Cool day today


Going home


Carnival Miracle


Carnival Miracle – 18 lifeboats


Two ships, although we are certain the Carnival is actually larger


Another HAL tender


Looking good



Waters getting choppy



Ending around


One platform out




Tender platform


Waiting to assist the guests


Sailaway Pictures


The Miracle will stay longer


Getting cloudy


The winds were picking up by 4pm


Horseback riding in this area of the beach


Freeway and hillsides beyond Cabo


Los Cabos perhaps


Local boat


Good spot for the spring breakers


Obviously the best spot for the party-goers


Entrance to the marina


Many site-seeing tours to explore Los Arcos


Famous spot in Cabo


Quite scenic


New hotel and upper level swimming pool


Dry and arid


Basketball court on the Amsterdam


One of the last tenderboats


The Mexican Ambassadors dancing


So fun to watch


Great music, although loud


Many sunbathers will soon blow off of the back deck


Talented entertainers


Many shades of blue and green in the water


Lover's Beach


Local tender


Marine Rescue boat


Great snorkeling here


Tour boats get so close


Older hillside rentals


Bonita Rose maybe?


Capacity to have a whole lot of guests


Looks like portable tents


This area was hit by a hurricane not too long ago


Some damage still evident


One island for the birds


A beach that about disappears in high tide


Los Arcos


There is the famous hole in the rock


Different colors in the afternoon sun


Many small tour boats along the shoreline


Carnival will stay…..lucky them


Rounding the point


Choppy waters, high winds to come


More high rise buildings on the Pacific coastline of Cabo


Marine rescue followed in our wake


Scenic mountains of Baja California


Once a sleepy fishing village


How things have changed since the 1970's


Homes with a view, but also exposed to the storms


Spotting Los Arcos from the opposite side


So windy, it was difficult to hold the camera still


All new apartments and resorts


Twenty miles of vacation property in this area


Until we come back again….adios Cabo


Precarious digs


Leaving our final port of call……















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