Friday, July 14, 2017

Report #10 Kodiak, Alaska July 12, 2017 Wednesday Partly cloudy & 59 degrees Part #3 Of 3 42 Pictures

Sailaway Continues…..


A bit blurry, but this is a puffin


We know there are otters here


A duck


One of many islands


Sailing close to these


Anything there?


Leaving the harbor


Air strip


Made for small planes


A small plane landing


Quiet cove


Fort Abercrombie State Park


Outer islands


Still cloudy




Larger aircraft


Sea otter


Looking for otters among the rocks


They are large animals


Good floaters


Rolled over and swimming


Floating and resting


Always preening


They need to aerate their coats


Keeps them floating


Many in the waters today


Getting out of our way




Valuable pelts at one time


Now protected


There goes the pilot


A congregation of otters


A puffin




Leaving Kodiak Island


Heading out to sea


Tree-lined area


More islands


Mountain ranges


WWII bunker


Blowing smoke- at least it is white


Empty pool



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