Sunday, July 9, 2017

Report #5 Juneau, Alaska July 7, 2017 Friday Cloudy & 68 degrees Part #2 Of 2 78 Pictures

Photos continue…..



Inside the Twisted Fish


Amber Alaskan beer


The menu at Twisted Fish


Great tasting brew


Many bar choices


We like the landlubber menu


Margherita pizza – oh so good


Dinner salad


Twisted fries


A small strawberry shortcake?


Best seat in the house


A wine/cocktail bar


Information booth


World city mileage sign


Certainly not crowded today


Sail away


Portrait on the library building




The tidal change must be big here


Mercantile = shopping


5 minute ride to the top of Mt. Roberts


No sail away since we are leaving at 10pm


Taku Smokery & Twisted Fish Co.


Financial district


Fishing vessels


New dock facility


Volendam (we sailed on her 2002 Asia/Pacific cruise)


Gastineau Channel


Government building


Mountains make a good backdrop


Looking towards Douglas Island


Some snow left up high



Seaview Pool is heated to warm


Local boat


Finally, an eagle


Flying in the harbor


Making a sweep from shore to shore


Regal bird


State bird


Dine on fish


Searching for food


Saw something in the water


Turned to dive


Getting ready to make a swoop


Land gear will come down


Gliding over the water


Never landing




Local ferry


Coming in to dock


Clouds threatened rain


Still light near 10pm


Homes on the water


Many flights out of here


Typical sea gull


Juvenile eagle


Mottled feathers


Possibly takes a year or two to feather out


Sea gull has no fear of this predator


Now the eagle chases the gull


Wonder who won?


Probably the eagle


Eventually, his head and tail feathers will be white


The body and wings will be brown


Land gear down


Still giving chase


Enjoying the game


No hunting


Still harrassed


Lucky gull escapes injury


But it got pretty close


Gull protecting its area


Not giving up


Bird is almost done


Small ferry lands


The Volendam will leave port at 9pm


Good way to see a lot of the area


Almost hidden in the photo










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