Friday, July 7, 2017

Report #3 Ketchikan, Alaska July 5, 2017 Wednesday Partly cloudy & 64 degrees Part #3 Of 3 74 Pictures

Sail Away pictures continue…..


Bald eagle - juvenile


Soaring overhead


Speckled feathers






White tail


Float plane


They probably leave after us


Pulling away from the dock


Leaving Ketchikan


One of many floatplanes




Heading north




Plane landed very close to the ship


Short tours to Misty Fjords


Coming back


Tongass Narrows


Nice city to visit


We will be back in September


Snow-capped mountains




Plane and boats


Heading slowly out of the narrows


Eagle perched up high


Pretty setting


Boat harbor


Major airport across the narrows


Drydock facility




Partly cloudy skies


Scenic ride


Nice home by the water


Fishing vessel


Settlement out of town


Fishing boat






Out of town housing


Eagle in the tree


Very green


Nice place to live in the summer season


Eagle chasing a sea gull


Catching a fish


Lifting off the water with a fish


Two eagles in flight


Probably a pair


Flying back to the trees


Will land soon


Well hidden in the tall trees


What happened here???


People on the shoreline


Adult eagle


White head, white tail feathers


Regal-looking bird


Always hunting


Gone in seconds


Flying high


Great weather today


Fishing boats coming home


Lucky partly sunny day today




Seaview Pool was actually hot water


Fishing boat


Heading towards Tracy Arm


Gulls above the water


Fishing boat


Calm waters in the narrows


Fishing is a major industry in Alaska


A sighting of a porpoise


They are so fast


Gone in seconds


Good day in Ketchikan



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