Thursday, July 13, 2017

Report #9 Homer, Alaska July 11, 2017 Tuesday Partly cloudy & 68 degrees Part #2 Of 3 83 Pictures

Our walk continued…..




Look what we saw…..a sea otter


Salmon flag


The otter was in this end of the harbor


Safety tips


Oh, look at my flippers


This boat was beached


The main part of town was on the hillsides


The road continued all the way around the harbor


Boat launch


A few evergreens


Sea otter flag


Some shops


Boats being launched


Fish hook monument


Largest building near the campgrounds


Bridge to the harbor


Start of many shops and boutiques


Seal lion


Popped up every now and then


Checking things out


Going down


Nothing here




Close to the boats


Blooms on the banks


A research vessel


Ice and more


A Trading Co.




The eagle


Always watching


Eagle eyes


Small boat


Even a garden


Fish processing plant


Busy place


Right across from our ship


Salty Dawg and Lighthouse


Heading towards the end of the spit


The Fish Factory – processing plant


Roads for traffic


Seafarer's Memorial


Looking out over the bay




What a view


A volcano hides behind this mountain


A monument to the seamen


Memorial bell


Sure had a nice day


Wilderness all around us


Upside down tree trunks


A buoy


Very large out of the water


Land's End at the end of the spit


Rocky beach




A rather smart bird


Large size up here in Alaska


Many beachcombers today


These gulls are getting fish bits from the fish factory


There is a pipe that flushes the waste out to sea


The sign marks the spot


We saw many of these bike lane markers


Boats coming and going


Elderly couple with their dog


Volcanoes in this direction


Nice day to fish


Even better day to enjoy lunch


Blonde beers today


Kids playing in the rocks


Chartered fishing boat


Catching some smaller fish


Sharing entrees


Chocolate molten volcano cake


Outdoor patio at the Chart Room Restaurant


Hundreds of birds feeding


Every outside table was taken


Nice bar


San Francisco caught our eye


Vacation rentals


Fish processing shed











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