Thursday, July 13, 2017

Report #9 Homer, Alaska July 11, 2017 Tuesday Partly cloudy & 68 degrees Part #3 Of 3 77 Pictures

More photos to come…..




Columbines come in many colors


Typical color is yellow


The bumblebee liked this one


And this one


Completely white


Eagle still there


Salty Dawg Saloon


Tight quarters


Outside garden


"Moneyed" ceiling


Many small boutiques


Boat charters


Cafes with a view


A pizza parlor (fast food)


Rocky stretch of beach


Clever way to use old boots


Unique sweaters




Alaska – the last frontier


The Roadhouse


Plant holder


Better colors of old boots


Seafood Market & fast freezing


Capt. Pattie's will cook your fresh catch


Motley moose


Pretty Alaskan flowers


More facilities


Salmon and halibut


Camper's facilities


Evergreen cones


Fresh halibut


Herring gull


Informative signage


I am cool


Harbor traffic


This otter was obliviously to the boat with the dog


Herring gull


Lazy sea otter




Typical pose for dining on clams, etc.


Fluffing his fur


Assume this is a male


Harbor pilings


Walking back to the ship


Surrounded by natural beauty


Nesting kittiwake


Looking for a nesting space


Room for one ship




Mt. Augustine Volcano


The Spit from a distance


Natural harbor


Chart Room Restaurant


Fishing boat


Also home to Deadliest Catch boats


Volcanoes everywhere


Land End's Hotel


Bird floating on flotsam


Small islands dot the bay


One of hundreds


Mt. Iliamna Volcano – 10,013 feet in elevation


The moon?  Just a cloud


Heading towards Kodiak


Passing many peaks




A different angle


Marker on the rock


Might be a good fishing spot

No recent activity


Mt. Redoubt erupted in 2009


Augustine erupted in 2006




The ring of fire


Rises from the water


In the clouds



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