Monday, July 10, 2017

Report #6 Icy Strait Point, Alaska July 8, 2017 Saturday Chance of rain & 56 degrees Part #2 Of 2 75 Pictures

More photos…..


The soil is very shallow here


Still supports a healthy forest


Ship  nearby


One of many benches along the hike


Taking advantage of the moment


Plants could be devil's club or skunk cabbage…..both used for medicinal purposes


Rugged terrain


OK, give me a few minutes


Deadfall made the going slow


Well-groomed path


No light, little growth


Peaceful place


Also very damp


Greenery pops up anywhere


Looking for little critters


No birds in here


A pond


Two ponds here


A small squirrel


Alpine flowers


Freshwater pond


View of the gangway from up high


Another fishing boat


Lots of boat traffic


The rain is coming


Eagle perched up high


Another eagle is nearby


Always on watch


The fog is creeping in


There is an eagle in this photo….. find it?


He's in the rocks with a fish


He's dragging his catch away from the water


Too heavy to fly with it


Will have to eat it down here


Now he blends in with the rocks


The head and tail give him away


Hiding his catch


Leaving the pier


The mate is still in the treetops


Left on time – 2pm


Heading into darker areas


Catwalk to the rope anchors


Tree trunks on the shore


Looking for fish jumping


A fleet of fishing boats on this point


We did see fish jumping here


Another boat


More boats


Must be a good spot


Fishing off the point


Leaving the islands of this passage


NCL's Sun


Many birds flying


A flock


Not sure the type of bird


Heading west now


Weaving around the outer islands




No sign of life



Scenic cruising


Close to Elfin Cove


Coming out into the gulf


Windblown cliffs


Rocky beach


Windy and cool


Also another good fishing spot


Open seas


Steep cliffs


Wind and water erosion


Looked like a waterfall


The moon appeared after midnight


Seen from our window


Sometime around 2am







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