Saturday, July 15, 2017

Report # 11 Scenic Cruising Hubbard Glacier July 13, 2017 Thursday Partly cloudy & 41 degrees Part #2 Of 2 51 Pictures

More pictures of scenic cruising…..



Ice flow from the mountains


Millions of years to create


Only the color of blue will reflect in the ice


We are getting even closer


Left side of the glacier


Bergie bits


If you listen, you can hear the cracking of the ice


Unless someone near you is chattering incessantly, ha-ha


Center of the glacier had some activity


The nicest shades of blue


You can see the layers of ice


Ice in pinnacles on the top


Eventually this jutting piece will fall


A waterfall-type of calving


Not receding, but doing its thing naturally


Never knew there was so much rock and silt in these glaciers


Ice hitting the water like explosions


The water splashes up muddy waves


This was a big fall with ice


Like a bomb went off


The best calving occurred after the folks left


Captain Fred swung the ship from side to side


Another slide


Sounded like a blast from a shotgun




Starts small


Gathering speed


And debris as well


This might cause a small tsunami


Getting time to move along


No wait…..another one


Could have watched all afternoon


Nothing happening up this end


The longer we watched, the more we saw


Riveting scenery




Silty wave


Like slow motion


Breaking from the center


Now that's more like it


Big wave


Time for some activity here


Must be dinner time?


Pea soup sure would have been good


There is the Island Princess


Sailing away


The fog was creeping over the top


One of the high peaks


The harbor seals were gone


Good example to see the height of the glacier


Sailing away, heading south now






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