Friday, July 7, 2017

Report #3 Ketchikan, Alaska July 5, 2017 Wednesday Partly cloudy & 64 degrees Part #2 Of 3 86 Pictures

The photos continue…..


We have seen this creek wall-to-wall with salmon


Good hiding places for black bear

But only when the salmon are running


Totem Heritage Center – native arts displayed


Outdoor collection of totems


Each one tells a story


One of the stories


Tlingit and Haida artistry


Each one unique to a tribe


Eagles are usually on the top


Bridge across the creek to the center


Good place to spot salmon


Trees of Sitka spruce and western hemlocks


Sitka deer mount


Hostas grow big here


Typical home on the creek


Creek alders line the water






Narrow gaps




Trees rooted in granite




Dense growth


The fish are here….we know it


Water is much deeper here…this is where we saw the 40 pound King salmon


Greenery grows anywhere here


Back to downtown


One of many restaurants


Ketchikan Mining Co. – old headquarters


Flowers are planted everywhere


Dwyer's Crab & Fish Company Restaurant


No fish for us


The wheat ale beer was tasty


A taste of coriander and orange citrus


Brenna A is the name of their crab fishing vessel – featured on Deadliest Catch


Splitting a burger


Also shared strawberry cheesecake


Sitka Tex, the local crooner and guitar man


Diamonds International very close to the pier


Cape Fox Lodge


Back-to-back ships


Front Street


Some of these buildings are the oldest in Alaska


Front Street businesses


The Tunnel - 1954


Eagle totem


Shasta daisies




A black bear


Casey Moran Harbor


Asian lilies


Waterfront promenade


Flowers grown in barrels


Name of a restaurant/bar


Home of the halibut fleet in 1920's & 30's




City Float


Boats and planes


Stained glass art


Pair of swans


Mountain goat




Harbor seals






Canada geese


Black bear


Bear prints


A Ketchikan moose & Bill


Amsterdam docked


Good place for bargain-hunters


Polar bear


The last frontier


Sailaway Pictures


Tongass Narrows


Surrounded by hills


Protected from the winds


Newtown and West End




Dwyer's upstairs, Fish Pirates on ground level


Seaview Pool


Thomas Basin Boat Harbor


Aft section of Celebrity's Millenium


Suite verandas


Dropping the lines





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  1. The stained glass art is great. Was it inside one of the buildings?