Saturday, July 8, 2017

Report #4 Tracy Arm & Sawyer Glacier, Alaska July 6,2017 Friday Cloudy & 68 degrees Part #3 Of 3 36 Pictures

Last of the pictures…..


Too much ice


We had to slow to a crawl


Eventually we stopped at the end of the fjord


Getting interesting


Finally, the face of Sawyer Glacier


Listened for calving, but heard nothing


This boat had the best view


Yes, it was pretty cold here


Calving is a natural occurrence


Still had a good view


Lucky that we made it up here today


Sawyer Glacier


The oldest ice is blue


Eventually, we left


Ice is even deeper under the water


Bill and the Sawyer Glacier


A juvenile eagle


Spotty feathers


Eventually he will have white head and tail feathers


Soaring all alone


Calm seas in the fjord


Bald eagle - adult




Maybe checking us out


What a thrill to see


Flying away


Side view




Eagle eyes


On our way back out


This has to be a loon


Many islets near the mouth of the fjord


Trying to fly


Large and small boats


Different type of fishing boat


Many of these passed us







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  1. These Glaciers look more beautiful then Glacier Bay Was there long while ago,but did Glacier Bay in June