Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Report #8 Anchorage, Alaska July 10, 2017 Monday Partly cloudy & 64 degrees Part #2 Of 2 72 Pictures

More photos…..


Two anglers try their luck


A herring gull




Only saw a few of these divers





Grove of trees


Pintail duck


This has to get cold….the water is 37 degrees F




Deep-blue lobelia


The railroad




The Hop On Hop Off Trolley - $20 tour


The only bear we saw outside


Kodiak bear inside the store


Reindeer hotdog stand


Something for everyone


The sausage griller


Well look at that…..a Hard Rock Cafe


Yes, this works for us


Light fixture resembled the aurora borealis lights


The bar area


HRC souvenirs


Flatbread pizza & Tupelo chicken tenders


Brownie sundae….good thing we ordered only one


Shops in downtown


Inuit woman carving with hanging petunias


Park grounds


Historic City Hall


Log Cabin Visitor Center with sod roof


Begonias do well in Alaska


Must be the long days of light


Even a cabbage grows larger


Log cabin replica


Operation schedule of the trolleys in town


Summer landscaping


City of flowers


Nice variety of begonias


Foxglove in the mix




Information center


There are 100,000 of these baskets in town


Reflection of the mostly blue skies in the building


Chugach Mountain Range


An old train


Delany Park Strip – former air landing strip


Ship docked in the container port


Low tide


Access to the ship was the lower promenade deck


Very odd to see this tidal change


Pillars of the pier


As seen from our window


Largest working port in Alaska


Many containers here


Nice setting for a busy port


We are the only cruise ship in port


Many clouds passed over today


Cook Inlet


Surrounded by mountains


End of the pier


Bet there are moose in these hills


Beautiful peaks covered with snow


Impressive clouds over the mountain range


Never did rain today


Mudflats off of the aft


Road to the forest


Chugach Mountains





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  1. Do you know how long has the ships been docking in Anchorage and are other lines going into there too