Sunday, July 16, 2017

Report #12 Sitka, Alaska July 14, 2017 Friday Chance of rain & 59 degrees Part #2 Of 3 62 Pictures

More pictures from Sitka…..



Low tide


Map of the town & surrounding area


National Park – ranger-led tours every 30 minutes


Visitor center


One of many totem poles


Eighteen totem poles are displayed here


Every carving tells a story


Most are restored


Originals dated back to 1904


Scattered totems throughout the 113 acres


A study in size


A trail marker


Native conifers


Manicured trail


Restored elsewhere


Tidal pools


Very tall trees


Major airport in Sitka


Forest fauna


Tidal pools could contain sea stars, limpets, and barnacles


Smaller totem


Belonging to a clan


Quite tall


Last over 100 years


Adult eagle


O'Connell Bridge to the airport


Young bald eagle


Seabourn Sojourn – a luxury ride




Story of the sea otter


Ferns of the forest floor


Fort site of the battle in 1804 – a sacred area of the Native community


Three eagles perched in these treetops


Indian River


Perfect spot for eagle-watching


Fog-covered mountain top


River banks


Perfect place for bears during the salmon run


The sign covers all of the wildlife in this area


There is an eagle there, honestly


Yes, a young one


Dense shade in the forest


Always damp and wet


River mouth


Will be full of pink salmon in August


Green banks of the river


Good place for the bears to hide


Typical grave marker


Colorful when restored


Raven got a bonus fish


They will eat anything


Too big to swallow


Downtown Sitka


A good restaurant upstairs


One of the main streets


St. Michael's Cathedral  - Russian Orthodox


Rebuilt in 1966


Colorful hanging basket


Summer annuals


Like the cooler weather


Not a bug in sight





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