Friday, July 14, 2017

Report #10 Kodiak, Alaska July 12, 2017 Wednesday Partly cloudy & 59 degrees Part #2 Of 3 80 Pictures

Our walk continued…..




A wet juvenile eagle


Fishing boat at low tide


The eagle watched


Took off flying


These boats were coming in from a day's fishing


Off the beaten track


More birds


Hillside homes


Close to the work


Mostly commercial boats


Except for a few local anglers


An eagle sighting




Gulls at attention




Ravens on the rocks


Tsunami warning posted throughout the town


Sailaway Pictures


The upper road goes to the homes


View of downtown Kodiak


This is where we walked


A container ship pulled in behind us


Hillsides of another harbor


Look what we found……sea lions


Tucked away in a cove


Dozens of sea lions


Enjoying the sun peeking out


Bird rookeries in these rocks


Barely a ripple in the water


Dropping the lines in Kodiak


Wind generators were off today


Boat coming in


Millions of birds here


The Independence


More birds hidden in the rocks


Eagles could be here too


Leaving Kodiak


No more rain


Fishing – number one industry


Not your typical tourist town


Float plane – the only way to see the bears


Largest crane in town


Tall mountains


This eagle flew right over our heads


Checking out the ship


Stately bird


Close up


Coming in


Even closer


Trees make a good backdrop


Blue sky does too


Never did land


But came close


Never tire of seeing an eagle


His beak open






Best eye-sight of all

















This may be the last one we see


Looking for sea life


Birds all over the cliffs


These are tufted puffins


Hard to identify


Looking for sea otters


They like to hang around the rocks and kelp




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